• Power Cable
  • USB High Speed cable
  • Cable Kit
  • 2 sets of screws/nuts
  • 1 set of clips
  • MCU card for ATmega2560

The STK600 is a complete starter kit and development system for the AVR flash microcontrollers from ATMEL® Corporation. It is designed to give designers a quick start to develop code on the AVR, combined with advanced features for using the starter kit to prototype and test new designs.

  • AVR Studio 4/AVR32 Studio compatible
  • USB Interface to PC for programming and control
  • Powered from USB bus or from an external 10-15V DC power supply
  • Adjustable target VCC (0-5.5V)
  • Two adjustable reference voltages with high accuracy. (0-5.0V, 10mV res)
  • Clock oscillator, adjustable on the fly from AVRStudio (0-50MHz, 0.1% res)
  • Serial In-System Programming (ISP) of tinyAVR and megaAVR devices
  • PDI Programming of XMEGA devices
  • JTAG programming of 8-bit megaAVR, 8/16-bit AVR XMEGA and 32-bit AVR UC3 devices
  • aWire Programming of 32-bit AVR UC3 devices
  • ISP and JTAG programming of AVR devices in external target systems
  • Flexible routing and socket card system for easy mounting of all supported devices
  • 8 push-buttons for general use
  • 8 LEDs for general use
  • All AVR I/O ports easily accessible through pin header connectors
  • Expansion connectors for plug-in modules and prototyping area
  • On-board 2Mbit Dataflash for non-volatile data
  • USB mini-AB (On-The-Go) connector for AVR devices with USB
  • PHY and DSUB-9 connetor for RS232 interface
  • PHY and DSUB-9 connector for CAN bus
  • PHY and header for LIN bus
  • Device board with an ATmega2560 AVR microcontroller is included.